Cash your customers in one click and secure your no-shows with transparent payment

Give your customers a unique experience, avoid no-shows, and earn money on unpaid appointments! Better than the pre-payment or the deposit, set up transparent payment on your website or on the website of your show today.

Secure your turnover on your no-shows

Unfortunately, many clients do not keep their appointments and do not notify you when they do not come. With Wavy, you can now debit the amount you want, and thus ensure an income for these customers.

Cash your customers in one click

No more need to go through the checkout, you will just have to click on a button to confirm your customer's arrival once the service is over. The total amount of the ticket is then directly debited thanks to the bank imprint left when booking online.

Improve your customer experience

The checkout is always the least pleasant part of the experience at the hairdresser's, and at any retailer's for that matter. Thanks to transparent payment, your customer goes directly from the chair to the door, without having to spend the last few minutes in your salon, behind your counter, to pay for the service.

Save a little more time every day

This technology allows you to save a little more time each day, as you will no longer spend 3 minutes cashing in each of your customers during the day. At the end of the day, you will have saved about 20 minutes, or 1 hour 45 minutes per week, or 7 hours per month!

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