4 reasons to equip your hairdressing salon with cash register software!

A certified hairdressing cash register software has become a must, and we will explain why in 5 points!

Installing management software in your hair salon, is it really for you? As its name suggests, a management software allows you to manage your hair salon and accompanies you in your daily tasks. However, this tool has many more advantages...

An optimized customer file

The customer file represents one of the greatest advantages of the management software for your hairdressing salon. It allows you to keep all the traces concerning your customers, so that you know them a little more after each visit.

Indeed, on the customer file you can see the recurrence of the visits, which services your customers have received, which products they have bought and what is the amount of their average record. When your customers come to your salon, you can then respond more precisely to their needs. Cash in faster and avoid checkout errors thanks to your management software.

As we have seen in our article comparing the cash register software and the accounting software, cash receipts with the cash register software allow a faster collection thanks to the different functionalities it offers. Indeed, its functionalities allow you to have all the necessary information - payment method, services, products purchased, etc. - at your fingertips. - in just a few clicks. In addition to a simple and fast cash-out, you avoid errors...

The software does not make mistakes in its calculations ;) Wavy is the most intuitive global solution for your hairdressing salon. Manage and communicate more easily. Learn more about it

Manage your stocks in a flash

Management software for your hairdressing salon allows you to manage your stock quickly and easily. You can have visibility on all the brands you have in your salon as well as the types and number of products you have for each brand.

What's more, management software allows you to categorize resale and technical products. You can therefore really follow the dynamics of your stock flow according to these two categories.

With Wavy, a management software for your hairdressing salon, you can scan the barcodes of your products directly with the application, or with the barcode scanner, and they will be automatically displayed in your stock catalogue.

Dashboard: track your statistics and manage your employees

With your receipts, you can follow daily, weekly, monthly and annual statistics on the distribution of turnover and results, particularly by employee.

Indeed, your statistics will show you the products and services sold by each of your employees as well as the total amount each employee generated. Moreover, you can have a global vision of the distribution of your turnover as well as the amount of the average record you generate.

With a management software, you won't be afraid of tax control anymore

Hairdressing management software is mainly certified either by AFNOR with NF 525, or by LNE with the "Certification of cash register systems" or by the certification of the publisher of the cash register software.

If indeed you choose a certified management software for your hairdressing salon (which we strongly advise you to do!), the certifier is held responsible if the software is fraudulent. As you probably know, you have the choice of using a cash management software or an accounting software in your hair salon; it is important that you do not confuse the two.

In this article, we have dealt with the advantageous functionalities of the cash register management software! For a better understanding of the difference between a management software and an accounting software, we advise you to read the article "The differences between a cash management software and an accounting software for your hair salon".

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