2024 hair trends

A new year means new things! Be on the cutting edge in your salon in 2024! In this article, discover the cuts and colors that will capillarily mark the year.

1. The Butterfly haircut


Turn up the volume! The butterfly haircut is back in fashion this year! Inspired by our icons of the 2000s, this cut combines blow-drying and layering, and is accompanied by a curtain fringe to create a waterfall effect on the lengths. 

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2. The short bob


A versatile cut that allows for a variety of styles, from wavy blow-dry to controlled sleek. For a very modern look, opt for a coiffed-décoiffé effect with volume. 

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3. The pixie cut


This cut is best suited to oval or diamond-shaped faces. It's made up of a short nape, a longer lock or fringe at the front and a rather pronounced layering. Just like our Miss France 2024!

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4. The ribbon in the hair


In 2024, we're not putting away our accessories: the ribbon in the hair, in soft velvet for winter, satin or cotton for summer, brings a touch of softness to ponytails or low braids.

What can I use to reproduce it? 

5. Natural curls


Yes to bouncy curls, pampered and full of health: we take care of curls without distorting them, and highlight a more authentic beauty!

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6. The baby bang


You'll be seeing more and more of them on the red carpets. The baby bang is this year's fringe trend. So, are you relieved that we're no longer asking you to do yet another curtain fringe?

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7. Scandi Hairline coloring


What is it? The "Scandi Hairline" consists in bleaching the hair around the face to reproduce the natural effect of the sun. Looking like you've just come back from a beach vacation in the middle of February is pretty cool, we're not going to lie.

What can I use to reproduce it? 

8. Honey-blonde coloring


Bye Barbie, say goodbye to California blonde, and hello to its caramel-gold version in a warmer palette that sometimes goes as far as cinnamon tones. All this makes you hungry.

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9. Peach coloring


Peach fuzz, Pantone's color of the year, can also be applied to your living rooms (yes, yes). A soft rock option that will give relief to a wolfcut in need of revitalization.

What can I use to reproduce it? 

10. Medium-length hair


Hello gentlemen, we haven't forgotten you! For them, it's mid-length this year, with a tousled style, casual but very chic with natural styling. To go out, we're bringing out the strong hold wax to set the lengths.

What can I use to reproduce it? 

11. The Buzz Cut


For "no hair" preferences, in contrast to more grungy, romantic cuts, a good stroke of the clippers is all it takes. You can also have fun reproducing patterns in color by practicing "tattoo hair".

What can I use to reproduce it? 

12. CHILDREN: The mid-length cut


The right compromise for hotheads who refuse to cut. A mid-length, blended cut that's easy to style and looks great on the playground.

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