Holiday specials: 6 quick, easy and stylish hairstyle ideas!

The festive season is just around the corner, and with it the peak of activity in your salons! Don't panic, Wavy is always there to help you anticipate the most challenging periods.

In this article, discover our 6 SU-PER trendy hairstyle ideas to achieve in your salon to make the holidays unforgettable!!!

The banana bun

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The banana chignon, a chic and classic must-have, and above all very easy to achieve in just a few minutes. A perfect hairstyle for a variety of festive occasions, it can be styled with a blurred, unstructured, more or less strict effect, depending on your mood.

Use the Microweb Fiber to add elasticity and create a naturally setting effect.

The braided half-tail


This hairstyle is a simple, elegant option. The possibilities are endless, whether with a tousled-effect half-tail, classic, braided, curly, there's something for everyone. A simple hairstyle that's easy to reproduce at home.

Secure with pins and use the Shaper ID Sebastian for long-lasting hold.

The low chignon


The low chignon, the par-fête option! Its timelessness makes it a hairstyle of choice for a variety of occasions. Personalize it from nonchalant flou to sleek chic, adjusting the degree of downward pull to suit your preferences.

Use the Shaper ID to structure and reshape your buns.

Accessorized hairstyles


Play up the originality of the hairstyle with a variety of styles by integrating accessories such as ribbons and/or clips, this option brings a touch of originality to festivities and will enhance a sober outfit. Give free rein to your creativity and create unique, memorable looks for unlimited photography!

‍Usethe Microweb Fiber for natural movement and strong, silky hair

The high bun


The advantage of the high chignon is that it can make a casual outfit more chic, and a chic outfit... even more chic! Ideal for long hair, it ensures a sophisticated look. To make it even cooler, don't hesitate to accessorize it with a big, colorful scrunchie.

‍Usethe Shaper ID to texturize your customer's look and protect it from humidity for 48 hours.

Wet look


For those who like a bold, editorial look, dare to achieve an ultra-modern wet-effect look. A dose of glamour and avant-garde for this hairstyle, perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd and make their mark!

Use the Microweb Fiber to lock hair in place and add a finishing touch with the Texture Maker Sebastian Texture Maker for a wet look.

All these ideas offer you a palette of creative hairstyles to sublimate your clients this holiday season! Find detailed demonstrations of each hairstyle and additional tips on our live on Instagram.

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