7 tips to manage your hairdressing or beauty salon's inventory

You know that in a hairdressing salon or beauty salon, you have to pamper your customers; but as a company manager you also have other tasks such as stock management. The Wavy team gives you tips to manage your stocks with complete peace of mind.

Discover our 7 tips to manage your hair salon or beauty salon's stocks

1 - Have a dedicated storage space in my hairdressing salon or beauty salon

While this first trick may seem obvious, it is nevertheless essential. Many beauty salons still don't have storage space and the boxes are stacked in a corner. In addition to being rather unpleasant for customers, a stack of cartons is very difficult to manage in the long term. You should create a storage area (no matter how small) to make it easier to manage.

2- Keep a regular inventory of my stocks

An annual inventory is anything but a good idea, especially for hair and beauty salons. Imagine you're missing a particular shampoo or nail polish color? You could stupidly lose a client. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, keep a regular eye on inventory. We recommend a weekly check-up.

3- Switching from paper to digital inventory

Si la dimension de votre salon le permet, vous pouvez continuer à opter pour un inventaire papier, mais les risques d'erreurs sont nombreux. On vous propose, par exemple, de tenir un tableau Excel qui calcule le stock final automatiquement. Toutefois, vous devriez saisir à la main toutes les marchandises vendues ou utilisées. Il est tout de même conseiller de passer au digital, vous pouvez donner votre avis sur notre article sur la transition digitale des salons de coiffure.

Passez au digital grâce à Wavy !

Nous créons pour vous un site Internet personnalisé avec un référencement optimisé, la réservation en ligne,
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4- Automate the management of my stocks with the Wavy application

For even greater simplicity and considerable time savings, we advise you to choose the Wavy offer which, in addition to cash register management, also allows you to manage stocks. All your products are referenced and the inventory is automatically updated as soon as you scan a shampoo or cream with the hand shower. Magical isn't it? Don't worry, no extra work, the Wavy team takes care of integrating your product references into the app.

5- The FIFO method for better storage and organization

From the English 'First In, First Out', this trick is simple: the first product to be stocked must be the first to be sold. For example, if you start a case of care and receive a second case of the same care, do not open the second case until the first one is finished. This way, when you do your inventory, you won't need to count what's in the second crate if it hasn't been opened yet. On a single product, this trick may seem unnecessary, but if you have a large inventory then, believe us, you'll save a lot of time!

6- Wilson's formula for managing my orders and storage space

It allows you to optimize the cost of inventory management by balancing sales and orders. While frequent replenishment reduces inventory levels, it increases the cost of orders. Conversely, reducing the frequency of replenishment implies an increase in storage space. Over time, it is therefore necessary to establish the right strategy to order at the right time and in the right quantities so as not to overload your hair salon or beauty salon.

7- The ABC method to optimize the organization of my storage space

Optimising storage space is essential to replenish your displays quickly and easily. To help you find your way around, the ABC method advises you to classify the products in order of importance:

  • A being the most used goods
  • C the least used goods.

This enables you to quickly identify weak points in the stock and to keep an overview of the stock development.

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