How to boost your salon sales during the sales season?

In France, product resale represents 6% of hair salons' revenue (2016).

Many craftsmen use upselling to develop their business, so why not hairdressers! There are only advantages for you as a salon manager to make the resale a tool to develop your business: additional income, loyalty of your employees and your customers, etc.

It's our turn to be good resellers, find out how in this article!

How to sell my product ?

1. Identify your client's needs during the diagnosis

The time of the diagnosis is a privileged moment, conducive to research and the discovery of needs. Start the process of thinking about selling as soon as the diagnosis is made.

How to do it?

  • Identify the type of hair
  • Ask about habits, hair routine
  • Ask questions about desires and expected outcome 
  • Give some initial advice by bouncing off the answers you get

Examples of questions to ask the client during the discovery phase:

What exactly is my client looking for in their hair? Is he available to discuss his hair and what would be right for him? What hair problem does he want to solve? What kind of styling do they want right now? What products can meet this need? Doesn't he already own this product? 

2. Present your product during the performance

Is the customer receptive? Present him with the advantages of your product. The moment of the service is conducive to receptivity on the part of the customer: he is pampered, it is a pleasant moment when he is more likely to let his guard down. Explain your gestures well and make the link with the products you use to contextualize them.

By advising him, you are already promoting your products. 

Remember: you have the legitimacy. You are the expert.

In order to sell your product well, it is essential to have a very good knowledge of it.

How to do it?

  • Talk about quality products and professional care
  • Explain the different stages of the service
  • Do storytelling, tell the story of the product, of the brand
  • Use the customer experience to gain awareness

Understanding purchase motivations: the SONCAS method

The SONCAS method is a sales method that helps you trigger the act of buying:

  • Safety: the customer needs to be reassured → Talk about the composition of the product and its effectiveness
  • Pride: the self-centered customer → Present a product adapted to his desires, show him the top of the range
  • Novelty: the customer likes novelty → Example: present a new product, an innovative product, trendy
  • Comfort: the customer wants to feel good for himself and his family → Show him an effective, simple and healthy product
  • Money: the customer cares about the savings → Make trade discounts
  • Sympathy: the customer is inclined to human and relationship → Establish a bond with your customer

3. Diversification of the offer

Shampoos & conditioners, care products, clippers, beard oils, complements, accessories, straighteners, curlers, you can offer a wide choice of products according to your customer typology.

A tip to avoid overstocking: let your client try the product and offer it for pre-order. With Wavy Store , you are delivered in 48 hours and with no minimum purchase, your customer will be able to come back and pick it up in the salon very quickly, and it will also be an opportunity to set up a next appointment.

4. Federation of your team

Raise your team's awareness! Don't hesitate to challenge your employees on their sales and train them on the products on sale. Set them monthly objectives to motivate them with bonuses or commissions on sales.

5. Communicate effectively

The key to success is also communication. Here are some communication tools you can use:

  • Showcasing in your exhibition: windows, kakemono, posters, displays in the exhibition...
  • Digital : social networks, SMS, website...
  • Take advantage of commercial chestnut trees

What are commercial chestnuts?

It is a communication calendar that follows the commercial and social highlights of the year (sales, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Black Friday, etc.).

Also use seasonality, don't hesitate to push products in accordance with the time of the year (e.g.: sun gummies in summer, beard product in November (Movember).

6. Set up offers and promotions

Be attractive! While thinking of keeping a positive margin. You can propose discounts in percentage, in value, or for example use the technique 1 product bought = 1 offered, or -50% on the 2nd product, etc.

Don't be afraid to test things to see what your customers are most receptive to. Make offers on your empty days to boost sales, and also on your full days to have a wider panel of customers to reach!

What to do?

  • Discounts in %, 
  • Discounts in Euro
  • 1 product purchased = 1 free
  • 50% on the 2nd

How to do it?

Highlight your promotions: 

  • On the product (label, crossed out prices) 
  • In your digital communication media

7. Sales analysis

Above all, don't forget to analyze your sales and sales periods in order to draw conclusions and adjust your aim if necessary. What works best? When do I sell the best product?

8. Build customer loyalty

It's a way to increase your sales and make your customer want to come back 

How to do it?

  • Create loyalty offers on resale: 4 products bought = 5th offered
  • Make a loyalty card system
  • Recall the products he/she bought last time
  • Take its feedback, even negative
  • Offer him/her the same product if he/she likes it, another one if he/she is not satisfied

Thanks to your software Wavy, you can follow your customers' purchases to ask them for feedback: this will reinforce the link you have and they will feel valued.

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