How do you retain your employees?

In the hairdressing and beauty sector, it is increasingly difficult to recruit good employees, but also to retain them. So once you have found the right person, it is important to put in place actions to retain them.

Of course, a good understanding and good communication are the basic foundations for a successful collaboration. However, there are other factors that make employee loyalty even stronger, and here are some tips on how to motivate your employees on a daily basis.

Retain your employees tips #1: offer training

Training is an excellent way to retain your employees. It allows your employees to develop their potential and shows your interest in their professional development. Moreover, the more confident a person feels in what they are doing and in their work, the more motivated they will be.

You may also want to recruit a team with complementary talents, perhaps some prefer to work with cut and others with colour.

Encourage your employees to develop the skills that appeal to them most! Complementary skills are a real asset for you and your salon, but also for your employees. They feel more special because of the services they excel in.

Retain your employees tips #2: provide an attractive working environment

It is true for any business, the work environment has a major impact on the well-being of employees. In order for your employees to be motivated and productive, you need to create a context in which they feel good. This will also reflect on your turnover!

A favourable context includes a pleasant decor, friendly human interaction, and quality equipment and professional products. 

Your employees are just as passionate about their work as you are, but in order to perform, they need modern, user-friendly equipment. 

A break room is also very useful, as it allows your employees to rest and disconnect during their breaks.

Also, be a good listener, it is important that you take time every week to find out how everyone is feeling. Some people may hold things back for themselves out of modesty, so just let them know that you are available if they need to talk or get advice.

Retaining your employees tips #3: promote team cohesion

For a team of motivated employees, a good team spirit and a friendly atmosphere are crucial. Moreover, this friendly atmosphere will be just as comfortable for your employees as for your customers. 

To promote team cohesion, meetings and debriefings are an excellent way of communicating with each other, always in a caring manner.

For example, you can organise a small daily debriefing with all your employees just after the show closes to find out how their day went. This is a good time for discussions that can strengthen the bond between your employees. 

In addition, to strengthen team spirit, offer team buildings outside the work environment. These team buildings are specialised activities that are known to improve team spirit, such as escape games, wine tasting or other various games that you can create yourself!

You can also read our article on the 6 ways to motivate your team in a hair salon or beauty salon.

Retaining your employees tips #3: promote team cohesion

Keeping your employees loyal tips #4: look after your social networks

Social media is not only a way to build customer loyalty, it's also a way to build employee loyalty, so spend some time there! Indeed, if your salon has a good reputation on social networks, it will stimulate your employees who will always give their best.

Posting on your social networks, be it Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok, will help you gain visibility and therefore attract new customers. You must therefore apply yourself when you take photos to publish them. It is recommended that you use a ring light as this will allow you to highlight the shine of the hair and therefore your work. You can encourage your staff to have their own Instagram with their creations for direct feedback from your customers. Comments and "likes" on Facebook or Instagram are a great motivator for your employees. 

Your employees will be happier to work in your salon if it is renowned in your region. They will talk about it around them, which will attract more customers. 

Your social networks must allow your clients to discover the world of your salon. We therefore advise you to share your services, your achievements, photos of your salon but also photos of your team! Facebook is a great way to interact with your customers as they can share reviews. Take great care to respond to all your comments and reviews whether they are negative or positive. If they are negative, try to understand why the customer is unhappy and do not hesitate to call them to find a solution. 

Retain your employees tips #5: offer unique services through the partners of Wavy

Wavy has negotiated partnerships with employee benefit companies for its clients. You can present these benefits during your job interviews to ensure your recruitment, and also communicate them to your employees. 

All users of Wavy benefit from more than 100,000 discounts on Wavy Community by HelloCSE, in areas such as fashion, travel and leisure. It should be noted that CSEs (company social and economic committees) are normally only allowed for companies with 10 or more employees, so this is a big first for the hair and beauty sector! 

Thanks to HelloCSE, you and your employees have access to discounts all year round! And if you are alone in your establishment, you are also entitled to this benefit.

Wavy has also negotiated preferential rates for you with Swile, the dematerialised meal voucher card. Restaurant vouchers, only available to company employees, are an excellent way to increase your employees' purchasing power. Access to this card is an important piece of information not to be missed during your recruitment process.

With this card, your employees will be able to spend their meal vouchers in all food outlets, whether in supermarkets, bakeries, bars, restaurants, etc.

So you see, by offering employee benefits, such as those offered by Swile and HelloCSE, you improve the attractiveness of your salon and the satisfaction of your employees.

The retention of your employees is a process that takes time. You need to put in place actions that will motivate them on a daily basis. Wavy helps you and provides you with partners who can help you when you want to recruit or motivate your employees.

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