How to link his Facebook page to his Instagram account for his hair salon?

Through this article, we give you a tip to get your Instagram posts and stories published on your Facebook page! Although your presence on social networks is essential, if your profiles are incomplete, or not animated, the digital experience of your customers will not be maximized!

Indeed, it is important to optimize this customer experience by completing your information as much as possible and by linking each of your networks together.

Find out how to link your Facebook page to your Instagram account

There are two benefits to linking your Facebook page to your Instagram profile.  

First, it will allow you to share each of your Instagram posts on Facebook and thus increase your visibility. Indeed, the people who follow you on Instagram and the people who follow you on Facebook are not necessarily the same.  

So people who don't follow you on Instagram will still be able to see your post! Thanks to this feature it will be automatically shared on your Facebook page.

Secondly, the time you spend on your salon communication will be reduced since 1 post Instagram will then be shared on your Facebook page = 2 in 1! You will have prepared only one post, the Instagram one. Sharing it on Facebook will automatically animate your page at the same time. Result: one less post to make on Facebook.

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So to access this feature, follow these steps:

1/ Go to your profile by clicking on the bottom right.  

Go to your profile by clicking on the bottom right hand side

2/ Click on the three small lines in the top right corner.

Click on the three lines in the top right corner

3/ Then click on "Settings" at the bottom right.

Click below on parameters

4/ Then in the Settings tab, go to "Account".

Click on "accounts"

5/ Then go to "Linked accounts".

Click in linked accounts

6/ Click on Facebook

Click on Facebook

7/ Instagram will ask you to access your Facebook page, click on "Continue".

Click on "continue"

8/ On this page, click on "Connect with the Facebook application" if you have the Facebook application on your phone.

Otherwise, click on "Connect with a mobile phone or an e-mail" and enter your login and password.

Connecting with the

9/ In our case, we clicked on the first option. Facebook then asks you for authorization to access your Instagram account. Click on "Give access".

Give the

10/ You will then be redirected to the same page as in step 6. The Facebook icon will turn blue to indicate that the accounts have been connected.


Now that your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook page, you will be able to share your Instagram posts instantly to your Facebook page.

This feature also allows you to share your Instagram stories to your Facebook stories. To do this, follow these steps: 11/ On the story screen, click on the wheel at the top left to access the settings.

Click on the wheel on the top left

12/ Then in front of "Share your story on Facebook" click on the button to activate the feature.

Activate the

Your Instagram profile and Facebook account are now connected, it's up to you!

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