How to display your resale products in your living room?

Resale products allow you to increase your turnover and improve your profitability, provide a complete diagnosis and build customer loyalty. They represent a high profit margin in the salon, and are therefore a real source of income. 

All but a few of your customers buy hair care products. Even though competition with the supermarkets is tough, it is your job to advise and sell your products to your customers. You, the hairdresser, are essential in matching the right product with the right person. Hairdressers are, in fact, the original "influencers" and long before the term, they embody digital marketing strategies.

Selling without "selling".

the next time you're worried about tipping into a sales mode when selling hair products in your salon, remember that the number one shift in perspective to help you shed the stigma and sell without "selling" is this: you are not a salesperson. You are the ultimate influencer.

When you say: "You must use it for your hair", it's not just an advertisement. You are putting your work, your knowledge on the line. And your customers trust you. So by reframing your sales strategy as an expert recommendation, or even a prescription, you not only increase your self-esteem, but also your results.

Listen to your customers.

The more information you have about a customer's relationship with the products and their hair care, the better.

Ask as many questions as you can. And the more you demonstrate that you have actually heard what you have been told, the more you build your customer's confidence. For example, offering a product by repeating the customer's wishes, fears and tastes is likely to leave them feeling relaxed and in good hands.

When you recommend a product that meets their wishes, allays their fears and suits their tastes, it's a natural fit and a genuine exchange that makes you feel like you're "serving" rather than making a sale.

Selling knowledge, not products

When a doctor gives you a prescription, you don't go to the pharmacy to ask what else he or she might have. No, you make sure you get exactly what you are prescribed because you trust your doctor's knowledge. Hairdressing is no different, except that you are both a doctor and a pharmacist and you have the power to prescribe and supply.

Share your knowledge of hair in general and your client's hair in particular, as a transparent technique to influence an outcome. While most people have knowledge of their own hair from experience, surprisingly few know why their hair does or does not behave in a certain way. Recommending the right product and teaching them tips can be transformative when it reveals something they didn't know about themselves.

Take care of the presentation of your products for resale

When a customer enters your salon, he sees the entire salon. We advise you to have a place dedicated to resale, it's nicer and it makes you want to buy more.

Place your products at the right height

Eye level is best for retail! This is a marketing technique used in supermarkets. The shelves at eye level are filled with high-end brands or items, which will bring the most profit to the retailer. While the cheaper products are usually located on the lower shelves and harder to spot (test this next time you go shopping).

This is an easy to set up and effective model for selling your products, put your best products at eye level!

Set up a clear pricing system 

No one really likes to ask the price of items. Make it easy for your customers to buy from you, without having to ask the price repeatedly.

Always clearly label resale products or use shelf displays with the product name and price.


Choose the right lighting for your products

Many salons overlook the power ofgood lighting on retail displays and products. The use of appropriate accent lighting will draw your customer's attention to your resale products.

Less is more!

It is impossible for a hairdresser to master all the hair and beauty products on the market.

Instead, trust your instincts. You know what products you need... You know your needs, you know your customers and you know what works. So choose the products you like to use and can demonstrate with confidence.

Wavy has all the tools you need to help you master resale effectively with Wavy Store and the inventory tool. We provide you with simple and easy to use tools to carry out the daily tasks in your salon. Get on board and let us help you take your salon or beauty salon to new heights. To find out more about Wavy , request a free demo.  

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