How to protect your hair in summer?

Summer is probably the most anticipated season: it is synonymous with vacations, sun and relaxation! However, summer can also be a challenge for hair. The sun's rays, the heat, the chlorine in the pool or the sea salt can all contribute to the aggression of the hair. It is therefore crucial to understand the effects of these small summer aggressions on the hair and to adopt an appropriate care routine to protect it.

In this article, we'll explore the different factors that can damage hair during the summer and share our tips for keeping it healthy and beautiful all season long:

  • Hair and the sun: why does hair turn yellow in the sun?
  • Hair and sea salt: why does hair get damaged by sea water?
  • Hair and chlorine: why does hair get damaged by pool water?
  • Hair and temperature change: does hair suffer from the heat in summer?
  • Food supplements: which ones to take before and during the summer?

🌞 Hair and Sun

Why does hair turn yellow in the sun?

Sun and blondness don't mix! It is highly recommended to establish a special summer beauty ritual to prevent blond hair from turning yellow. Whether natural or bleached, blond hair is more vulnerable to the sun than other hair because of its low concentration of melanin, a dark pigment that absorbs UV rays. Golden manes then tend to dull and turn yellow.

Fortunately, it is possible to avoid the catastrophe thanks to a few small gestures!

What are the right rituals to adopt?

  • Protect hair from UV rays

Adopt or recommend anti-UV shampoos, such as the Invigo Sun shampoo by Wella Professionals Invigo Sun shampoo by Wella Professionnals.

  • Moisturize and nourish 

Moisturizing and nourishing care products are essential to counter the "straw" effect caused by the sun. Especially if your hair is bleached! For this, we recommend the mask Makadamia Blonde mask from Urban Keratin.

  • Neutralize unwanted reflections 

Under the effect of UV rays, blond hair oxidizes and turns yellow. There is nothing like a purple shampoo: the No Yellow by Fanola will be your ally of choice!

NB: the same is true for white and gray hair, which tends to yellow more easily because it is also lower in melanin. There are routines that are perfectly suited to taking care of white and gray hair, such as the True Grey line from Wella Professionnals.

🐚 Hair and sea water

Why does hair get damaged by sea water?

Sea water is a naturally aggressive element, just like the sun.

Salt and iodine have a tendency to dry out the hair when you bathe regularly. The effects of seawater are different depending on whether the hair is oily, dry or colored.

NB: seawater is not totally harmful! It has a cleansing effect and salt water is also an excellent ally in the fight against dandruff.

What are the right rituals to adopt for oily hair with sea water?

  • Hydration

A moisturizing treatment and shampoo are still essential to strengthen the hair and enhance the lengths to the ends . We recommend the refreshing shampoo by Patrice Mulato and the Rodolphe & Co. high hydration mask.

What are the right rituals to adopt for dry, brittle or colored hair with sea water?

  • The protection

To counteract the irritating effect, it is essential to protect the hair before swimming in the sea, otherwise the hair capital will be permanently weakened. Waterproof and moisturize the hair with a hair protection oil or spray containing UV filters, and above all, rinse the hair well with fresh water after the sea . The spray treatment Sun Protection Equave Spray by Revlon contains a broad spectrum of UV filters that will effectively protect the hair while moisturizing the hair fiber.

Castor oil or avocado oil are also an ideal solution at bedtime to smooth the ends and moisturize the hair all night long! We love the one from Patrice Mulato castor oil for its strengthening benefits, ideal for taking care of dry, split ends and brittle hair. Warning: always tell your clients to rinse the oil out before exposure to the sun!

💧Hair and chlorine

Why does hair get damaged by pool water?

Chlorine strips the hair fiber and encourages the scales to lift at the cuticle, which can no longer play their protective role. The result: hair is brittle and rough.

In addition, chlorine changes the natural color of hair: dark hair will potentially lighten and blonde hair may have green highlights.

Top tip for your clients: always rinse your hair with clean water after swimming in the pool.

What are the right rituals to adopt?

  • Rinse, nourish, and moisturize!

Because the hair scales have been lifted in the water, chlorine has certainly seeped into the hair. This chlorine residue will gradually harden as it dries. The result is brittle hair. To remedy this, you should apply a protective product before diving in, such as Patrice Mulato's protective veil oil.

After each swimming session in the pool, the right thing to do is to make a mask for colored hair to revive the color and preserve it as long as possible. 

The range of suncare products from Mon Shampoing is our favorite summer hair care routine!

🥵 Hair and temperature change.

Does hair suffer from the heat in summer?

Hot weather tends to dehydrate the hair. Rising temperatures can also lead to sweating and the scalp is not spared: the roots become greasy more quickly and the hair must be washed more regularly.

On the other hand, in hot weather, the body temperature increases accordingly, which has the effect of dilating the blood vessels. This increases the supply of oxygen to the body, including the scalp where the hair roots are located. This oxygenation stimulates the hair roots and accelerates hair growth.

What are the right rituals to adopt?

  • Adopt anti-hair loss all year round!

Advise your clients to take dietary supplements or anti-hair loss cures during the summer to avoid the worst in the fall; it is during the summer season that you must anticipate the hair loss of the fall . You can opt for the care kits Nioxin System care kits, each of which includes a shampoo, a conditioner and a treatment, or the Epycure Hair Loss Complex 1 month treatment with 2 capsules per day.

🌴 Food supplements in summer

What supplements should I take before summer?

Taking supplements will prepare the body for the sun! Choose beta-carotene cures, which will prevent skin aging and make your tan last.

  • Sun and hair loss treatments

We prepare our hair for the post-summer transition with anti-hair loss capsules. These will slow down hair loss and strengthen the hair fiber!

The Solar Gummies Epycure are perfect to prepare the skin for the sun, and are an excellent resale product . For the hair, we recommend the Hair and Nail capsules from Patrice Mulato with keratin, zinc and copper that strengthen the hair structure, bring shine and maintain its growth.

Find all our sun products on the Wavy Store to prepare for summer in your living room!

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