Expand your salon with Wavy communication solutions

To be a successful hairdresser, you need to master techniques of cut, colour and style, but not only that. Managing your communication and marketing, attracting new customers, building customer loyalty, strengthening relationships to create a bond of trust...are also necessary and indispensable elements to develop and sustain your business.

To do this, the Wavy team has now been working with you for over 3 years to complete your essential skills. Indeed, Wavy is more than just a cash register software. It is a tool for cashing and managing, but Wavy also helps you with your trade show communication.

With excellent cash register software and marketing expertise, you will improve your salon on a daily basis.

Each of the Wavy communication features has been developed by experts in the beauty sector to allow you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more on your customers' salon experience. Pretty cool, isn't it? 

The communication solutions that Wavy brings to your show to attract new customers and make them come back more often

Whether your hair salon or beauty salon is relatively new or mature, you need to attract new customers in order to keep it healthy. 

Many believe that they can survive solely by word of mouth and their existing clientele. However, as you may have guessed, even a well-functioning salon will experience slowdowns for a variety of reasons: customers move away, have children, or simply change their habits.

In order to increase the number of your loyal customers, Wavy can help you with the communication aspect. Today we offer many options to help you!

Weekly Facebook publications for your living room

It is likely that a potential customer's first interaction with your hair salon or beauty salon will take place on social networks. According to globalwebindex, 54% of internet users say that they first consulted social networks to find out more about a salon. It is therefore important not only to have a Facebook page, but above all to feed it often and regularly.

That's why Wavy takes care of animating your Facebook page once a week. And this, by posting entertaining, educational content... relevant content adapted to the services of your salon/ barbershop/ beauty salon/ nail salon, which will attract your target subscribers (or not)!

weekly facebook publication

Your personalized website

Your digital presence should reflect your customers' experience at the show.

In order to create as much coherence as possible, the Wavy team takes care of your personalised website. It is therefore easy for the client to understand who you are, what you represent, what services you offer and how to reach you. Click here to discover an example of a WAVY website.

Your living room on the front page of Google

Wavy will work on your SEO. But first of all, what is SEO?

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that organizations must follow to ensure that their site appears in good standing in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!...). In other words, the SEO makes certain changes to the design and content of your website, making it more attractive to a search engine.

The Wavy referencing service is therefore designed to increase your visibility on the web in search engines, ensuring that your site gains its place on the front page. But beware! You need to know that in order to come out in the best search engine results, you have to be patient.

Google (the most used search engine in the world) does not like fast progress. It's a company with a very, very smart algorithm. It will therefore be wary of a site or a company that would gain too much popularity overnight.

site referencing

This requires careful, methodical and purposeful search engine optimization. If you find that your site goes up too slowly, this is normal. You need to take the time to make Google understand that your site is legitimate and deserves its place on the first page.

Don't forget to give your customers the possibility to make an appointment directly from the site, which will bring you several advantages!

Online booking to better manage your appointments

The online booking feature makes your life easier by having a booking button installed on all your digital contact points, such as your website, Facebook page and even your Google My Business listing.

More and more people are finding hair salons and beauty salons by searching on Google and social networks and then visiting both websites and Facebook pages that they like. While they are discovering your world and your services, they have already started the buying process. Conveniently placing the "Book Now" button will create immediate results in terms of reservations.

And that's not all! Booking online improves the customer experience. Remember, the customer experience at the show starts as soon as a customer visits your website. Providing a great customer experience at the show from start to finish is key to creating loyal customers who will be more than happy to tell their friends and family about your show.

Wavy therefore helps you acquire new customers. This is necessary but not sufficient. You have to be able to bring them back regularly. Wavy will also help you to do this.

Improving customer loyalty thanks to Wavy communication solutions

Wavy can provide you with all the tools you need to increase customer loyalty, such as SMS campaigns, appointment reminders, a website that reflects the image of your salon and much more.

Faites revenir vos clients + souvent

95% des SMS sont ouverts et lus dans les 5 minutes.
Envoyez une campagne en ciblant votre fichier clients pour développer votre CA.

Customer files for your hairdressing salon

It would be very interesting for fairs to centralize data in customer files in order to create targeted marketing campaigns. Our software therefore allows you to securely store data including contact details, important dates, detailed service history, etc.

Targeting the right people at the right time

Unleash the growth potential of your business with total precision. Wavy's customer file tool includes the necessary information (the latest services and products purchased, for example), helping you create profitable marketing campaigns targeting only the customers you want, when you want them.

Photographing clients and organizing the photos

Filling in the technical data sheets is essential. But at Wavy, we think a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why you can take photos of your clients directly on their sheets; you can take photos of the different services and keep them in each client's files in addition to the technical sheets!

Photograph new hairstyles and record them to create illustrated records of how their appearance changes over time. Use this evolving collection as a useful reference and reminder tool. And combine your best shots into a portfolio to promote yourself and inspire other clients to try new colours, cuts and styles. (But ask permission to showcase client photos!)

Provide an incredible customer experience

You won't need to ask him the last time he came, or ask him what he did last time. Instead, you'll have more time to make the diagnosis or ask him what he thought of his last performance.

Fill in your customer file and easily find your different colourings/cuts that are one, two or even more years old... will provide an excellent experience for your customers and will therefore help you build customer loyalty.

In addition, providing a consistent and exceptional experience will have a positive effect on the feedback you receive from your customers. These reviews are a powerful and free marketing tool that contributes to the success of your show.

customer experience at the show

Wavy SMS communication campaigns personalised for your trade fair

Did you know that 90% of SMS messages are read 10 minutes after they are received? This is your chance to get ahead of other salons in your area. By sending an SMS to your customers, you can stay in their minds all year round! SMS marketing can help you generate word-of-mouth and improve engagement with your customers.

SMS campaign

You can create a campaign that addresses all the customers you haven't seen for several weeks ("we haven't seen you for a long time"). Or send a campaign to all those who have made a colour, reminding them to come back to maintain it.

With Wavy, you can build customer loyalty by planning targeted SMS campaigns to run when you want them to, making your growth strategy even more automated.

Automatic appointment reminders by SMS or e-mail

Frustrating absences, also known as no-shows, disrupt your workflow and hurt your bottom line. Last-minute cancellations are difficult to make up for sudden financial losses. Most no-shows simply forgot they had an appointment that day or thought they had booked other days and/or times.

So reduce absences and keep your customers happy by sending automatic appointment reminders by SMS or email.

Bonus: KoudeCizo by Wavy for your entrepreneurial missions

KoudeCizo by Wavy is a free Business platform that accompanies you on all your entrepreneurial missions and covers all subjects except technical. It is a unique solution that combines all the necessary information (Communication, Accounting, Legal...) you might need to take care of your hair salon or beauty salon.

KoudeCizo, your strategic partner, doesn't stop at information. We design for you Facebook or Instagram kits every 2 months for all the events of the year.

Attract new customers, make your customers come back more often and increase your average basket... Discover for free how to do it with Wavy!

For your demo, it's here.

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