Wavy Store launches Beauty!

Wavy Store launches Beauty!

For many months now, the Store team has been working on the launch of a new segment: we are very proud to welcome a wide choice of beauty brands and products to Wavy Store by Treatwell!

How does this launch fit into the Wavy by Treatwell ecosystem?

At Wavy, our aim has always been to offer you the best possible service with our management software, so that you can develop your business and build customer loyalty. 

We have since launched the Wavy Storewith the aim of saving you time and money on your technical product purchases and resales: you can renew your stock with a single click, easily and without worrying about integration and accounting - everything is done automatically!

Our vision is simple: to give power back to all our independent hairdressing and beauty salon professionals by negotiating the best rates with brands. What matters to us is that you should be able to pay less for your products and have access to all the highest quality, most exclusive brands:

  • No minimum quantity, just buy what you need.
  • Hyper-fast logistics for greater flexibility: when you have a one-off need, you're delivered in 24 to 48 hours. No need to overstock and anticipate your needs. 
  • Unbeatable prices: up to 50% off catalog prices, all year round.
  • A constantly evolving catalog, with the ambition of bringing you new products and brands for your customers to discover.
  • Save time with automatic integration into your inventory management software. Your accountant will be happy ;)

The model we offer is unique in the beauty sector, and we are the only service provider to offer you the benefits of this ecosystem: management, marketing, products . We're constantly improving our services with new features, which is why we're expanding our offering today with the launch of Beauty!

1 year ago, Wavy joined Treatwell, the European leader in the beauty market. This merger and our complementary visions enable us to offer you a complete range of products, while continuing to strengthen and invest in the referencing of new brands and products!

Beauty segment novelties available on the Store

We now offer you a complete solution for all types of products in the beauty sector:

Nail care : classic and semi-permanent nail polishes, gels, resins, accessories and materials, as well as everything to do with nail and hand care.

Waxing : waxes in cartridges, beads, strips, with different colors and scents, as well as all associated equipment (spatulas, wax heaters, towels, disposable sheets, etc.) and pre- and post-waxing care.

Face and body care: creams, scrubs, patches, masks, anti-aging ranges and also massage products, available in oils or candles.

Make-up: mascara, pencils, eyeshadow, lips, complexion, blush, powders, as well as everything needed for targeted eyelash services, which are very much in demand at the moment: enhancement, false lashes, etc.

Supplements and cures: we complement our existing hair care offer (hair and growth) with specific beauty supplements, such as detox, weight loss, clear skin and sun care cures, ideal for resale in beauty salons.

‍Ourlaunch partners, the leading players in the beauty industry!

We always select our partners with the utmost seriousness, and our in-house experts test all products for us beforehand. We have decided to enter this new sector with 3 very important brands on the market:

OPI : the leader in nail polish! Since 1981,OPI has offered a wide range of professional-quality nail polishes . Known for its vibrant colors and long-lasting hold, the brand is now present in over 100 countries and has established itself as a benchmark in the world of nail polish. With their wide choice of products, the least we can say is that whatever your service catalog, you'll always find what you need at OPI: classic nail polishes, semi-permanent nail polishes, responsible nail polishes, bases, tops, equipment, treatments... there's EVERYTHING!

What's more, OPI has integrated environmental protection into its DNA, using superior quality ingredients and minimizing its impact on the environment. The brand is proud of its environmental responsibility and is constantly working to improve its sustainable practices. The brand perfectly combines professional quality and creativity, regularly offering trendy ephemeral collections: original shades in line with fashionable colors and patterns, to bring a touch of originality to your customers' nails! Discover the different OPI nail polish ranges at Store :

Nail Lacquer: with their high-quality professional formulation, OPI's classic nail lacquers offer a manicure with guaranteed hold and shine for up to 7 days!

Gel Color: OPI's semi-permanent nail polishes last up to 21 days, for a long-lasting, radiant manicure! The patented brush and varnish formulation make for easy application, precise work and professional results.

Infinite Shine: Classic nail lacquers with a shinier finish than Nail Lacquer. They also last 11 days longer than Nail Lacquer, making them ideal for resale!

Nature Strong: Certified vegan and cruelty-free, OPI's Nature Strong nail polish range is formulated with 84% bio-sourced ingredients derived from raw materials of plant origin. Shades inspired by nature, hold and shine for up to 7 days. 

Pro Spa: In this range specializing in nail and hand care products, you'll find everything you need to pamper your customers: exfoliating creams, massage creams, oils, hand and foot masks, scrubs, balms...

Peggy Sage : beauty savoir-faire à la française! You've probably already heard of the French brand Peggy Sage: specialized in nail beauty for over 90 years, Peggy Sage also offers nail care and make-up products, as well as all the professional equipment you need for beauty salons or beauty institutes.

The brand's catalog covers all your equipment needs:

Make-up: lipsticks, blushes, sponges, eyebrow pencils, bb creams, concealers, mascaras, eyeshadows, eyeliners, powders, foundation, make-up removers, accessories, brushes...

Waxing: Strips, wax cartridges, cartridge heaters, wax heaters, wax beads, spatulas, pre-waxing talc, pre-waxing lotions, post-waxing oils, post-waxing milks...

Nail lacquers: 115 colors of I-LAK professional semi-permanent soak-off gel lacquers in 11ml format for use with an LED lamp, plus primers, bases, builder bases and top coats.

Nail equipment: LED lamps, sanders, nail files, polishers, nail glues, cuticle pushers, nail art sponges, color charts, brushes, brush cleaners...

Face and body care: hydromassagers, pedicure files, lotions, sheet rollers, moisturizers, anti-aging creams, patches, masks, oils, body and face scrubs, hand creams, serums...

Sibel: an expert in equipment and consumables, we were already working with the group in the hairdressing segment, and that's why we decided to launch our Beauty business with them too: we're completely convinced by everything the brand has to offer, and in particular the excellent value for money!

Our aim is, of course, to expand our offering, and we welcome your comments and feedback on this subject! You'll soon see new, more specialized brands appearing in this new segment.

If you'd like to give us your feedback, please fill in this questionnaire!

We look forward to receiving your responses.

Discover the world of Beauty at Wavy Store !

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