My SHAMPOO, the 100% customizable natural professional products

Mon SHAMPOING has created the surprise with a strong progression by proposing a unique and simple concept of personalization with natural and high quality products. Today, the brand with an innovative concept is associated with Wavy. The pandemic has awakened an eco-responsible awareness among consumers, and especially hairdressers, Wavy follows this trend with Mon SHAMPOING.

Patricia and Rémy Debrant, the founders of Mon SHAMPOING, prefer to sell their products to professionals so that they can give their customers the best advice. A decision that can be appreciated in the sector!

Discover these natural products, with essential and vegetable oils, unique on the market.


Natural professional products My SHAMPOO: from an intuition to a revolution

For Patricia, there was only one step from mother to entrepreneur. It was when her children left the family nest that she decided to take the plunge. Having always been passionate about hair, she decided to follow her intuition and start a new adventure.

Patricia sees hair as a reflection of our personality, an "expression of who we are" that can affect self-confidence. Her motto:

"To please yourself in order to please others and to put your best foot forward."

Concerned about her hair's health, Patricia has unfortunately never managed to find professional products that really correspond to her needs as they evolve over time. On the contrary, she became aware of the harmful effects of chemicals, which infiltrate our body and hair. She followed her instincts and created a new concept of natural hair care.

Inspired by the healing and medicinal power of essential oils and herbs, Patricia, along with experts, launched a natural product line that is SLS/Paraben/Silicone free and not tested on animals.

After 2 years of research and development, Patricia begins her hair revolution in 2018!

My SHAMPOO: a unique concept for your hair

Essential Oils Booster My SHAMPOO

Mon SHAMPOING professional products meet real needs, they are not only cleansing, they are also caring, based on aromatherapy. The Mon SHAMPOING concept is none other than the combination of a neutral shampoo base and/or a neutral conditioner, with one of the 7 boosters with essential and vegetable oils. These boosters respond to different hair problems and hair types for an ultra-personalized and simple treatment. The promise of a 100% sensory journey is guaranteed.

Shampoo and Booster - My SHAMPOO

How does it work? Nothing could be simpler!

  1. Unscrew the cap of the shampoo (or conditioner) bottle, open the booster and remove the seal.

  1. Pour the booster of essential and vegetable oils entirely inside the shampoo bottle (or conditioner)

Tip: It is recommended to leave the booster upside down for a few seconds, so as not to lose any of the elixir. The booster fits perfectly.

  1. Shake the closed bottle vigorously to mix the washing base and the contents of the booster.

Tip: Repeat this step, shaking a few seconds before each use to homogenize the formula.

The brand also offers various other complementary hair care products such as a serum, a leave-in treatment, a leave-in cream, two masks, and a fragrance mist.

We are also easily seduced by the two kits with innovative natural ingredients: the sun kit, protecting your hair from damage caused by exposure to the sun, swimming and the travel kit in cabin format.

Still Life Solar Kit - My SHAMPOO

In addition to the benefits of natural and plant-based professional products, Patricia wanted to add a touch of fragrance to her hair products, for a guaranteed multi-sensory experience.

The complete range of My SHAMPOO products do not contain SLS, Paraben, Silicone and are not tested on animals.

The results of the shampoo on the scalp and the conditioner on the lengths and ends are immediate: softness, shine and lightness.

7 boosters for ultra-personalized care

Fatty Hair Booster - My SHAMPOO

  • Oily hair - mint, rosemary and jojoba oil:

Jojoba oil is ideal for regulating the sebum production of the scalp and is therefore suitable for improving the condition of oily hair over time. Having oily hair is not necessarily a fatality, but very often the result of a hormonal upheaval.

This oil brings shine and suppleness to the hair, it is nourished and gains in vitality. The essential oils of mint and rosemary also have a balancing and toning effect, purifying and revitalizing the scalp.

Color-treated or highlighted hair booster - My SHAMPOO

  • Coloured or highlightedhair - orange, ylang ylang and meadowsweet oil

Meadowsweet oil, tonic and detoxifying, strengthens the scalp. Orange essential oil associated with ylang ylang oil reinforces the brightness of your color, they promote the beauty and shine of hair while providing refreshing notes of orange.

Fine or Thin Hair Booster - My SHAMPOO

  • Fine or limp hair - orange blossom, sage and grape seed oil

The grape seed oil is nourishing and repairing, it is a care of choice for fine or brittle hair. Sage essential oil has a tonic effect on the scalp. By boosting the root, the fiber will be strengthened and densified, thanks in particular to the essential oil of orange blossom in addition to the sage, which reconstitutes the fiber by improving its growth.

Dry or Curly Hair Booster - My SHAMPOO

  • Dry or curly hair - lavender, geranium and argan oil

The argan oil ultra moisturizing to the ability to nourish curls and dry hair without weighing them down while having a repairing effect on the hair fiber, bye bye split ends, brittle or devitalized hair. The essential oil of lavender stimulates, like the essential oil of geranium, the microcirculation of the scalp promoting growth and the provision of nutrients to the roots, offering strength and shine to the hair, the top to soothe dry scalps!  

Delicate Hair Booster - My SHAMPOO

  • Delicate hair - lemon, lemongrass and sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil relieves delicate scalps, rich in fatty acids, this oil is very nourishing, it regulates the production of sebum and allows the elimination of dead skin to restore vitality to weakened hair. Lemon essential oil is an excellent skin tonic that helps to strengthen the root and the hair fiber. Lemongrass essential oil also stimulates the scalp and is considered anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial, all of which offer protection against bacteria or yeast that cause dandruff.

Blonde or Brown Hair Booster - My SHAMPOO

  • Blonde or brown hair - jasmine, chamomile and coconut oil

Coconut oil does not darken the color but moisturizes and makes the hair more shiny. Jasmine essential oil is suitable for all hair types and helps to shine the hair for a brilliant result. Chamomile essential oil is perfect for reviving the shine of blonde hair!

Combination or Frizzy Hair Booster - My SHAMPOO

  • Mixed hair - mandarin, bergamot and avocado oil

Avocado oil repairs, nourishes and strengthens the hair, frizzy hair needs a deep hydration to regain flexibility and shine. It is the same for the softness. Avocado oil is one of the best treatment alternatives to achieve these results.

Good to know: The entire My SHAMPOO range can be used for extensions and straightening.

What is the difference between an essential oil and a vegetable oil?

There are several processes to extract the essential oil from a plant material. However, distillation is the most commonly used method: the aromatic plant material is immersed in water, which is then brought to a boil. When the condensed substance cools, the water and the (essential) oil separate.

The residual water is often called "floral water" or "hydrosol" in the shops.

Vegetable oil, on the other hand, is an extraction of fatty substances from oleaginous plants. These are plants based on nuts, seeds or fruits containing lipids. To extract the oil, the nuts, seeds and fruits are cleaned, crushed and heated. This transformation produces a paste from which the vegetable oil must be extracted.

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