Professional reconversion in hairdressing: how to go about it?

Are you in the middle of a career change? Have you left your job for your passion? Welcome to the hairdressing and beauty sector! You are right to make your work your passion :) Knowing that you want to open your own salon is one thing, now you have to give yourself all the tools to do it! For more detailed instructions, we recommend you download the white paper from Wavy Content.

3 fundamental steps for your professional reconversion

1. Train as a hairdresser

To open your own hairdressing salon, several possibilities are available to you. Either you wish to be able to style your clients in your salon, and in this case you have to pass the training courses; or you only want to manage the salon and manage the teams.  

In the first case, it is necessary to pass your CAP, then you must pass either :

  • your professional hairdressing certificate (BP)
  • your professional master's degree (BM)
  • a diploma listed in the national professional certification directory (CQP) in a field directly related to hairdressing

In the second case, you can simply surround yourself with an employee who holds one of the 3 training courses mentioned above, or your spouse holds one of the courses. During your professional reconversion, you will have to do a compulsory 4-day installation preparation course (SPI). This course will give you an insight into setting up a craft business. It is dispensed if you have already been self-employed for 3 years or if you have already obtained a business management qualification that is at least at the same level as the SPI.

2. Develop your concept and write your business plan

There are more than 80,000 hairdressing salons in France! For your salon to work, you need to stand out from the competition. Instinctively, you will choose a salon that looks like you, and you're right! The job is very demanding, it is essential that you work in a place where you feel good, like at home.  

The business plan will enable you to put your ideas "on paper" and thus further develop your future exhibition. Following your market research, you will refine your concept.

3. Find your funding

Financing for your salon will depend on the size of your salon. A salon with 1, 2 or 3 seats may only require a personal contribution. However, a larger salon will require other financing solutions. If you wish to make a loan from your bank, your personal contribution must be equal to 30% of the total investment.

You can ask for financing from your family or close friends, always explaining the risks of this investment. We strongly advise you to have a written document signed by the parties involved to avoid unpleasant surprises! Disputes between friends happen more than you think.

There are also financial grants and subsidies, such as NACRE, ACRE and CAPE.

Wavy Content, your reference for your development as a salon entrepreneur!

Wavy Content is a platform created especially for hair and beauty professionals. It includes 6 topics to help you in your role as a business owner:

  • Business
  • Communication
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources

On Wavy Content, you can find a white paper on opening a hairdressing salon. This can be used as a guide throughout the preparation of the opening of your salon!  

Before opening your hairdressing salon, we also advise you to choose a digital system for the management and communication of your salon. Wavy is a very simple application to manage your appointments, stocks, follow up your statistics, etc.

Wavy also creates for you a website in your image, offers you to acquire more customers by setting up online booking, and many other solutions! Take the time to discover Wavy !

Written by
Aurélie Pauker
Always attracted by the world of hairdressing and beauty, today I answer the problems you may have.

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