WAHL: the technicality of the best barbers accessible to all

WAHL is the iconic brand of beard and hair clippers. Each trimmer stands out for its quality, durability, design and retro finishes, which have earned the approval of professionals around the world!

The strength of WAHL products is that they combine technology, precision and power at your fingertips. With their clippers, you can be sure that you will have a reliable ally for many years to come in your daily work as a barber or hairdresser.

How did WAHL become THE reference to adopt?

This is the legendary brand that has become a must-have for hair pros!

WAHL made history by inventing the first electric hair clipper in 1919. Its creator, Leo Wahl, did not just revolutionize an industry, he created one!

In constant search of innovation and novelties, the brand is one of the world leaders in the hairdressing market. From the beginning, the brand has never stopped renewing itself to offer its community products at the cutting edge of new technologies, always in phase with their needs.

A heritage of excellence that continues today in the manufacture of its products. WAHL lawnmowers are still designed in the USA and are a guarantee of quality, sturdiness and performance!

The promise of durability and reliability

WAHL products are known for their strength and durability. Any hairdresser who uses them will tell you that!
With longer battery life and stronger materials, the clippers are designed for durability and long life.

The secret of the mowers lies in their manufacturing technique and especially in their engines: very discreet and guaranteeing a long life.

Thanks to the performance of these motors, their appliances are able to cut even the thickest hair without any difficulty! This is the case with the LEGEND CORDLESS clipper, which perfectly combines power and flexibility.

The technicality of the best barbers at your fingertips

The brand's beard trimmers are particularly well known for offering unparalleled cutting comfort and high precision, ideal for shading.

They can be used intensively or moderately: powerful for hair that is difficult to cut or, on the contrary, manageable and precise for contours.

Whether for beard or hair, the plurality of models will allow you to satisfy all the criteria and desires of your customers.

Which mower to choose for which use?

LEGEND CORDLESSthe clipper for all hair types and smooth transitions.

This clipper is the perfect combination of power and flexibility. It has a powerful DC 6500 rpm motor that allows you to cut all types of hair: thick, curly, straight, dry or wet. Ideal to make homogeneous transitions or cuts close to the skin!

The LEGEND CORDLESS is designed to cut from 0.7 to 1.7 mm in length. This model is mains operated for optimum power and thanks to its 2.4 meter cable, it is easy to handle on a daily basis. Its cutting head is chrome-plated, designed with a new geometry: its teeth are longer, and allow for cleaner cuts and perfect gradations.

CORDLESS MAGIC CLIPfor more natural cuts and clean gradations.

Lightweight and cordless for ease of use, this trimmer retains the same cutting qualities as WAHL corded trimmers. The CORDLESS MAGIC CLIP has a DC motor and a chrome cutting head, equipped with Crunch technology for a more natural cut and clean gradations.

In addition, it comes with a large number of accessories: you have a total of 8 shoes for cutting heights ranging from 1.5 mm to 25 mm. With the adjustment lever on the left side of the machine, you can achieve any desired cutting height!

WAHL FINALEthe ideal tool for finishing and fading

The FINALE is the number one reference for precision: this electric shaver is designed to achieve all extra-short finishes and blends, down to 0.1 mm! Ideal for blending in white gradations and cleaning up hair and neck lines after a finishing trimmer.

As for the battery, his is in lithium-ion, which offers you 80 minutes of use and recharges in only 2 hours. In case you forget, you can of course plug the device in while using it! Finally, the FINALE comes with a small charging cradle to keep it securely in place and within easy reach on your workstation. A protective grid and a pre-shave brush are also included in the accessories!

The little extra that the team loves is the look given by its gold razor grills, which have hypoallergenic properties above all.

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