Wavy launches Wavy Store and revolutionizes the purchase of professional products for hairdressers and beauty salons

Stock management and replenishment are problems encountered by most of you, hair and beauty professionals.

Wavy Store is just like Wavy simple, efficient and intuitive!

Once again, Wavy simplifies your life by bringing you a revolutionary solution for the purchase of your professional products directly integrated into your cash register software.

Beyond the purchase of your technical and resale products, Wavy Store will ensure that you have sufficient stock on all your references, and it will also allow you to manage your stock more finely, for a saving of time and money!

What is Wavy Store ?

Wavy Store , it's simple: you can buy your professional hairdressing products - and soon beauty products - directly on your cash register application in three clicks, and at unbeatable prices!
Whether it's your technical products, resale products, or all the small equipment, you can order by unit and be delivered within 72 hours!

In other words, this is your new reference shop to find a large number of professional hairdressing and beauty products, all brands included.
Thanks to this new feature, you will have a simplified and secure purchasing process directly in your checkout software Wavy X.

Order professional products in three clicks

With an interface that you can browse in no time, Wavy Store is not just another e-commerce site.
You will, of course, find on Wavy Store all your professional products, whether technical or for resale, centralized in one place, with prices up to -35%.

Order your professional products on Wavy Store  from your mobile
Wavy Store on iPhone

But Wavy Store goes further and aims to help hair and beauty professionals to optimize their purchases. Wavy Store increases your purchasing power, and saves you time!

The update of your stocks is automatic at the reception of your professional products ordered on Wavy Store . You no longer risk losing time or making mistakes when adding your order to the stock! No need to scan each product. Validate the reception of your order in 1 click and it is added directly to your stock (and to your accounting export).

Finally, the integration of Wavy Store on the Wavy cash register software allows you to simplify your accounting. 

All your invoices are archived, available and accessible on your application. Goodbye paperwork and hello time saving! Thanks to this data, your accounting export file is always created in due form, and is automatically sent to your accountant every month.

New professional brands to test without risk!

Many new professional products for your salon are released every day! Wavy Store searches for the best new products for your salon, whether technical products, but also promising resale products that will help you increase your turnover.
Latest example: discover Unbottled, which is committed to the planet with solid, natural and 0 waste shampoos.
So that you can test these new products yourself, there is no minimum purchase on Wavy Store . Order your products individually if you are not sure!

Wavy Store optimizes the profitability of your salon

Having a sufficiently large stock of products is necessary in order to never be out of stock. Today, however, many of you have too much stock: in the worst case it represents up to 20% of your annual turnover. This amount is blocked and "sleeps" for several weeks or months.

Consumable expenses for a hair salon should not exceed 10% of annual turnover. As for the stock valuation for a salon, at any time of the year, it should ideally be around 2 to 3% of your generated turnover!

Wavy Store  is available on Wavy X

This overstocking is only a reflection of an approximate management, not necessarily based on your real needs. Imagine being able to optimize this thanks to Wavy Store , by buying exactly the products necessary for the good functioning of your activity. This stock management will allow you to invest in new equipment for example, to pay your expenses or simply to be more profitable.

The obligation to buy in bulk for economic reasons, or because your supplier does not allow the purchase by unit, is often a reason for these overstocks. As well as the lack of visibility that you may have on the state of your stock.

With Wavy Store , you will now be able to buy professional products from different brands and by the unit, delivered at the same time. It is one thing to be committed to a brand, it is another to be forced to order a complete range or to buy in bulk to get good prices. This is the strength of the Wavycommunity: the more we are, the stronger we are.

How can I order my professional hairdressing or beauty products on Wavy Store ?

Wavy Store is now open to all partners Wavy. For the launch, we are organising live presentation sessions which you can attend free of charge by following this link.
Alternatively, go directly to your Wavy application and click on the "Wavy Store " icon to order your first professional hairdressing products.

If you are not yet using the application Wavy, contact us to request a demo!

Specifically, what products can I find on Wavy Store ?

Wavy Store offers all the professional, technical or resale products that hair salons need!
Shampoos, conditioners, professional colorations, vegetable colorations, bleaching powders, hair care, perms, waxes, beard products, small equipment, consumables, combs, straighteners, and much more!

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